Reflex – Dev Diary 8

Slow progress for Reflex over the course of the last 2 weeks as I’ve been more focused on Asylum.

But I have made some improvements.

The automatic collision creation code I mentioned in the last post has now been finished and is working flawlessly.

There was a nice bug that allowed the player to start placing reflectors while the objectives and tutorials were on screen. As this would be cheating (because the timer hadn’t started) the bug has been fixed.

The first 2 floor level has been added to the first world. Multi floor levels means that the player will not be able to see what’s coming and will need to deconstruct as much as possible before the Reflex missile leaves the current floor. Although I don’t expect to use this all the time I think it will certainly add a lot more tension to some of the levels.

There was a few bugs that have also been fixed involving moving between levels or replaying levels that have been completed.

And finally, the first level has been adjusted so that it doesn’t appear as daunting as it previously did. This is mainly a reduction in the size of the map.