AutoWallpaper 5.6.3103 and Lion

September 3, 2011

OS upgrades are supposed to be simple and straightforward, but somehow Apple has managed to make a complete pigs-ear of the Lion. The changes in the new OS means that the preferences folder is no longer usable by developers; this seems rather strange as the name implies it’s for preferences. So, what does this mean…… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper 5.6 now available

April 22, 2011

The newest release of AutoWallpaper is now available for all. This update features a number of smaller fixes and tweaks and 2 new features: Windows 7 Aero Glass Tinting When running under Windows 7 you can tell AutoWallpaper to change the colour tint of your Aero desktop to match more closely with the colours used… [Read More]

Calling Windows 7 x32 users

April 17, 2011

AutoWallpaper 5.6 is all but ready. It features a new option for Windows 7 users that I have tested under x64 but don’t have access to a 32Bit version of Win7. So, if there is any regsitered user of AutoWallpaper 5.5 out there running Windows 7 x32 and are will to try out a prerelease… [Read More]