Trying something new – Godot v4

April 11, 2023

As most of you will know, if you’ve been following along with the Reflex development logs, I’ve been developing using GameMaker for a fair few years. Back when I started I bought a lifetime licence and never looked back. GM is a great game engine but about a year ago they switched to a subscription… [Read More]

Reflex – Android Version Update

January 26, 2023

About a week ago the Android version of Reflex was disabled from the Google Play store. According to the vague report from Google, this was due to a performance issue at the start-up of the game. I isolated the issue to how long it was taking the game to connect to, and log in to,… [Read More]

Reflex – Android Version

January 13, 2023

Just a quick post to mention that there appears to be a problem with the Google Play release of Reflex. I’m looking into the situation and hope to have the game available again over the weekend. I believe the cause is due to a hang or incompatibility with Google Play Game Services – that’s responsible… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 82

May 5, 2022

So, the release process of Reflex on Google Play didn’t go as planned. It appears that there was a credential miss-match and that prevents the game from starting everywhere except on my devices – which isn’t helpful. While I resolve the issue I have unpublished the game from the store. Please bear with me; this… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 66 – Early Access

December 1, 2021

Today is the day. After almost 2 years of development, Reflex is now available for purchase on Steam. The game, as previously mentioned, is currently under the Early Access label. This means that the game is still in development and the current release contains 53 levels. Another 49 levels will be released during the first… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 62

November 7, 2021

Test and test again. This week continues the massive testing of every level of worlds 1, 2 and 3 to make sure everything is up to scratch for the Steam Early Access launch on December 1st. I uploaded the first YYC (native) compile of Reflex to the Steamworks Pipe to ensure that installation on a… [Read More]

Asylum Dev Diary 89

September 15, 2019

After the last two weeks of real life distractions I’m back on Asylum development. I’ve realised that the final basement part will require a feature that GameMaker Studio 2 doesn’t have at the moment, however it should be dropping in the last quarter of this year, which means there shouldn’t be a long wait now.… [Read More]

Asylum Dev Diary 84 – Drawing Board

July 21, 2019

I’m taking a little breather in development so that I can work out what comes next and draw up the next environments ready for inclusion in the game. The basement area is the most complicated I’ve put together so far and I need to do one or two more things to complete it but they… [Read More]

Asylum Dev Diary 83

June 30, 2019

This weekend the temperature in the UK has hit a crazy 32 degrees (centigrade) and so working on Asylum was reduced to avoid overheating. What I have managed to do, however, is to finish off the pause menu for now. If the player presses ESC the options screen is shown by default, which contains the… [Read More]

Objectives screen with blurred background

Asylum Dev Diary 82

June 23, 2019

Continuing from last week I’ve been working on the UI elements. With the objectives display being moved from the game view to the objectives screen there was no longer a visual cue for when an objective had been completed. So, I’ve added in an additional notification so the player knows which task has been finished.… [Read More]

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