AutoWallpaper 6.6 and Maverick 10.9

October 27, 2013

I recently mentioned that AutoWallpaper for the Mac may be discontinued. I had a couple of responses to my call to see if a new version would be wanted and so I thought I’d have a quick look into what would be required to support OSX Maverick. Fortunately the change wasn’t as serious as I… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper 6.6 released

October 24, 2013

With the release of Windows 8.1 comes an update for AutoWallpaper. The previous version would have shown desktop wallpapers on the wrong monitors or displaying split across multiple monitors. This new version corrects the problem. At present AutoWallpaper is NOT compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Maverick. Once again Apple has made some unknown changes… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper 6.5 coming soon

September 14, 2012

After a few weeks of painstakingly working out the support for Windows 8 I can now announce that AutoWallpaper 6.5 will add support for Windows 8. And as an added bonus for Windows 8 users AutoWallpaper 6.5 will support pretty much any monitor configuration you can throw at it. The update is purely optional as… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper 6.0.3276

August 29, 2012

A new update is available for AutoWallpaper 6 which corrects a critical issue in the way AutoWallpaper remembers used images. This is especially important for sequential mode. Initial testing for compatibility with Windows 8 shows that AutoWallpaper does NOT work correctly. It appears that Microsoft has made significant changes to the way wallpaper images… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper 6.0.3264

July 22, 2012

A new update is now available for AutoWallpaper 6 which has the following improvements: Added a check for erroneous information coming from when photos have been given dangerous names AutoWallpaper will now report update progress of online categories, including name and progress bar indications Corrected a glitch with start up changes not turning off… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper Mac Edition (6.0.3250)

June 16, 2012

A minor update has been released for Mac only that address the following issue: – On OSX10.7 images cycling may not updated correctly causing a repeat of previously used images. This is a system level issue. A workaround has been implemented to ensure the AutoWallpaper generated image is used correctly. This update will not be… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper 6.0.3231 update

February 13, 2012

A new update has been released for AutoWallpaper 6. This version features the following changes: Preview window will now always update when it is left open and a new wallpaper is selected Added additional options to the Multi-Monitor wallpaper setting to allow more flexibility with width and height of wallpapers Tray Menu Current Wallpapers window… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper 6.0.3220 update

January 23, 2012

A new update has been released for AutoWallpaper which corrects a number of issues: Updated API integration Corrected a start up bug that causes a crash if the auto-update dialog is left up for too long Fixed an issue with manual categories relating to accented characters in filenames Fixed an issue with removing images… [Read More]

AutoWallpaper 6.0.3191

December 31, 2011

A new update has been released for AW6. It’s a small update that prevents AW6 from crashing if online categories (flickr, are being updated and no internet connection is available. As usual you can download the new update from the download page.

AutoWallpaper 6.0.3185

November 16, 2011

A new update has been released for all those AW6 users out there. Some of you may know that AutoWallpaper wasn’t very tolerant of damaged or mal-formed images (jpegs with the wrong file extension, etc). Well, this update resolves that issue. If an image cannot be handled it will be skipped and the filename will… [Read More]

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