Asylum – Ascent from Madness

Asylum – Dev Diary 18 – Bug Bash

March 11, 2018

Sneaky little bugs that appear out of nowhere and cause endless problems. The bane of the developer. This week I concentrated on fixing a few of the issues that had arisen over the last couple of weeks. First up was the Load Save issue whereby, it appeared, that when the game continues from a save… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 17

March 4, 2018

This week has involved some very complex routines. After last weeks problems with the save game routines I set out to resolve the issue as it would be very important going forward to be able to save the game and then reload it and continue where I was. This is very handy for testing as… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 16

February 25, 2018

I’ve decided to compile a single weekly update rather than one per dev day. Makes life easier and these diary entries should be more meaty. This week I’ve been concentrating on a few different aspects. Firstly I’ve been putting together some new sprites and tiles to use in various locations on the first floor. There’s… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 15

February 18, 2018

Illness has struck, probably due to the continuous cold and wet weather here in the UK. So, my progress has been hampered. Today I was looking around for some seamless textures and tiles for the various floorings I will need. However, I did find one bug that I wasn’t expecting. My swinging door (in fact… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 14 : Refining Dialogue

February 17, 2018

Finally a Saturday where I can actually work on Asylum development. Today was more about refining what I currently have in place rather than adding in new things. Tomorrow I’m going to continue my focus on filling out the first floor. This will take a while as there’s a lot of sprites that will need… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 12 : Examination

February 4, 2018

This weeks focus was the continuation of the inventory system and implementing the start of the object examination process. What I wanted to do was to alter the way the inventory displayed on the right of the screen so that I could display the name of the object and a series of buttons that allows… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 11 : Little Tweaks 2

January 28, 2018

Today’s development time was severely limited due to other factors. So all I’ve been able to achieve is a little preparation work for the inventory system. I was trying to come up with a method that would allow the inventory items to also display a few action icons (examine, use, etc). I think I’ve found… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 10 : Little Tweaks

January 27, 2018

Due to time constraints today’s development was a little shorter than usual. So instead of trying some big additions I concentrated on a few minor things. The first item I wanted to try out was adding sound effects to the dialogue system. This was extremely simple mainly because I’d set it up to be extensible… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 9 : Pick up

January 21, 2018

Today I had to quickly return to the language files to update the Quick Message script and the Add Quest scripts to handle multiple languages. And before starting the inventory system it was necessary to work out the best way of handling the text strings. I decided to use the objects name (in english) and… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 8 : Static Light

January 20, 2018

One thing that I needed to amend with the lighting is to prevent every light from being constantly updated. A light that isn’t moving and isn’t going to be casting any additional shadows can be set as static so that the game doesn’t need to recalculate the shadow mask every frame. So, one of today’s… [Read More]

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