Asylum – Ascent from Madness

Asylum – Dev Diary 7 : Dialogue System

January 14, 2018

The dialogue system I started yesterday has been proving to be tougher than I expected. To put it into some perspective the game is created from instances, those instances are made from objects and each object is assigned a sprite (or series of sprites). Now my initial dialogue code was based on instances so that… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 6

January 13, 2018

Complicated stuff going on today. Firstly I have now completed the schematic of the first floor expanding it a little from my original plan. I’ve mapped out all the objectives and worked out how the player will proceed through the level. And so onto the next challenge allowing a trigger that pans the camera across… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 5

January 7, 2018

Due to other technical issues I’ve had no time for development this week, and next weekend could be a problem as well. I need to replace a failing hard drive in a relatives PC (because I’m the only one that can do that sort of thing) and that’s liable to take one full day. So,… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 4

January 1, 2018

Another busy day of tweaks, alterations and improvements. Firstly I put together a completely new keypad, one with larger buttons and LCD panel. I also decided it would be beneficial to add in a zero and enter button. This way the player can input and see all 6 characters of the access code before the… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 3

December 31, 2017

So today’s objective was the keypad I was going to do yesterday but got side tracked away from. It actually worked out for the best because during the course of the day I came up with the idea of how to achieve what I was after. For the time being I set up a basic… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 2

December 30, 2017

Today I was going to focus on the security keypad implementation for the first puzzle set and although I have created the keypad sprite image I actually decided to focus on more lighting development. I have now successfully sorted out the code so that the lights do not come on until the player first sees… [Read More]

Asylum – Dev Diary 1

December 29, 2017

I know – It’s been a very long time since my last posting about Asylum. Time got away from me and I decided to go a different route. Well, as of 4 weeks ago (November 2017) I begun work on Asylum properly this time (I promise). It is no longer going to be a 3D… [Read More]

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