Reflex 2020

Reflex – Dev Diary 18

November 1, 2020

Real life work is beginning to pick up so development time has dropped quite a bit in the last few weeks. However, I’m still making great progress. This week I have been refining the reactor sprites so that they fit in better with the rest of the assets. Originally they were orange tinted, now they… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 17

October 25, 2020

World 2 is now complete. This week I played through the last 3 levels of the world and made sure they were doable. 2.25 is a right doozy, but it can be completed. Lots of other tweaks and fixes this week: The craft that launches the missile was also appearing on sub-levels which are supposed… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 16

October 18, 2020

Short update this week as I was distracted by my new Oculus Quest 2. This week I continued testing levels and tweaking them when they proved impossible. Levels 2.17 to 2.22 have all been checked and are working properly. I added a new quick feature for windows users. Rather than having to left click a… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 15

October 11, 2020

This week continued some of the polishing I started and I also finished off the weapon crate work. The weapon crate, when opened, displays the collected content on the left edge of the screen briefly – to avoid disrupting the game flow. One aspect that was in the original Reflex game was the deployment method… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 14

October 4, 2020

Some very good progress was made this week. Adding in 2 new objective objects: the communications dish, and the space cannon. Both of these objects are for later stage objectives and I’ve given them some really nice animations. The dish will randomly reorient its self, and the cannon rotates and fires occasionally, adding to the… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 13

September 27, 2020

Big things happening this week. After finishing adding in all the levels for world 2 I wanted to look at some ‘spit and polish’ for other aspects of the game. First up was the level select area. I didn’t like the way the levels were being displayed. They would fade in and then cross fade… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 12

September 20, 2020

World 2 is now level complete. The 25 levels that make up the second world of the game are now in place and ready to be tested thoroughly. This week added in levels 2.19 to 2.25. Although the last two levels do require a couple of new sprite resources that I will be adding in… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 11

September 13, 2020

Levels, levels, and more levels. This week I have continued to sketch up levels for the game and carefully work out the best order they should appear. Although this may change once I start to play them and find that they are actually harder than I thought. In the actual game this week I have… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 10

September 6, 2020

Whilst drawing up levels I had a few ideas for some additional features in the game. So, this week I’ve been looking at adding those in to my test level. First up are breakable doors. These require a missile to impact them to destroy them, once destroyed subsequent missiles will pass through the opening created.… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 9

August 30, 2020

This week I have turned my focus on to sketching up some new levels (8) for the game. I’m using graph paper for the moment as I just start creating a level and see where it takes me. This allows me to go through all the levels and put them in some sort of order… [Read More]

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