Reflex 2020

Reflex – Dev Diary 41

May 3, 2021

Work continues on creating the World 5 levels, but I have also been paying attention to some much needed polish here and there. The main opening menu and settings area was looking a bit drab as I was just using text labels for buttons. I wanted to utilise the UI style I had adopted for… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 40

April 18, 2021

A short update this week. Reflex development continues very nicely. World 5 levels are being designed and added to the game at a steady pace. These levels are the toughest to create. World 5 involves transportation portals and that adds in a whole new level of design – working out the potential path for the… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 39

April 11, 2021

World 4 is complete. This week I’ve been finishing off the UI enhancements and have finally fixed some bugs with the video player. For the last few weeks I’ve been struggling with the Video Player extension in GMS2 that I am using on the Windows build to display the logo intro animation and the tutorial… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 38

April 4, 2021

This week I continued the revamp of the UI applying the code for the buttons and panels from last weeks dev sessions to the rest of the panels in the game; level objectives display, win and fail displays. The buttons needed a little tweak as the background tint that I used was way too weak… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 37

March 28, 2021

Taking a break from the design of levels to go back through the game and give the UI a bit of a polish. To start off I wanted to improve how the level select are looked. Previously the UI had used tinted rectangles and a strong white outline for panels and buttons and although it… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 36

March 21, 2021

This week I continue to add in the levels for World 4 and make a few changes for the potential Android build of the game. With the levels in World 4 getting larger and more complex the amount of time required to actually add them to the game takes longer and longer. Each level consists… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 35

March 14, 2021

A very productive week this week. A large number of tweaks have been successfully completed and new levels added to the game. So, let’s get into it: The Tutorials video player object has been reworked. When I first created I was using one object for each video tutorial, this meant there were currently 18 tutorial… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 34

March 7, 2021

This week I turned my attention to a few other things in the game instead of level construction. I had decided a while ago that each world would have a different looking reactor. All the reactors would be constructed from the same components so that they all looked similar, but at the same time different.… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 33

February 28, 2021

Quite a lot of progress this week so let’s get started. The 25 levels for world 4 have all been designed and are ready to be added to the game. This has taken quite a while due to the complexity of some of the maps and the number of features packed into them at this… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 32

February 21, 2021

World 4 now has 16 levels sketched up and ready to add to the game. Whilst creating the levels I suddenly hit on a feature that I’m really surprised I hadn’t thought of from day 1 – switches. I was drawing up a new level and thought that it would be great if I could… [Read More]

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