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Reflex – Dev Diary 36

March 21, 2021

This week I continue to add in the levels for World 4 and make a few changes for the potential Android build of the game. With the levels in World 4 getting larger and more complex the amount of time required to actually add them to the game takes longer and longer. Each level consists… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 35

March 14, 2021

A very productive week this week. A large number of tweaks have been successfully completed and new levels added to the game. So, let’s get into it: The Tutorials video player object has been reworked. When I first created I was using one object for each video tutorial, this meant there were currently 18 tutorial… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 34

March 7, 2021

This week I turned my attention to a few other things in the game instead of level construction. I had decided a while ago that each world would have a different looking reactor. All the reactors would be constructed from the same components so that they all looked similar, but at the same time different.… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 33

February 28, 2021

Quite a lot of progress this week so let’s get started. The 25 levels for world 4 have all been designed and are ready to be added to the game. This has taken quite a while due to the complexity of some of the maps and the number of features packed into them at this… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 32

February 21, 2021

World 4 now has 16 levels sketched up and ready to add to the game. Whilst creating the levels I suddenly hit on a feature that I’m really surprised I hadn’t thought of from day 1 – switches. I was drawing up a new level and thought that it would be great if I could… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 31

February 14, 2021

Real life got a bit too busy over the last few weeks so development of Reflex had to be reduced a bit. I now have 11 levels sketched and ready to go for World 4. It’s getting harder and harder to create levels the further into the game you go because there are so many… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 30

January 31, 2021

World 4 development has begun. So far I’ve drawn up the first 5 levels. Two of these will require new tutorials produced to introduce the player to the phased laser tower and the holder tiles. I’ve already added the first of the World 4 levels into the game to ensure that the background tiles are… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 29

January 24, 2021

Optimisation and fixing the laser fences has been my focus for this week. The laser fences, if you’ve been following along, had a habit of using up too much processing power each frame (tick). The reason for this was due to the continuous check to see if the connected laser fence was still operational. Basically… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 28

January 17, 2021

Target locked. And fire! This week I continued the development of the laser turret and that has reached its gripping conclusion. The turret now smoothly pans along it’s vision cone and when it notices a missile will snap to it and fire, complete with a muzzle flare. I do want to add a couple of… [Read More]

Reflex – Dev Diary 27

January 10, 2021

This week I have continued implementing the laser turret that is required for World 4. My initial thoughts were to use a series of lerps (smooth motions using the built in lerp command), the problem with the lerp command is that it only applies ease control for the destination. So, you get the movement slow… [Read More]

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